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Sales Team Training & Motivation

Tailored Training at your premises – or online via Zoom

Sales Training Australia provide tailored sales training solutions for sales Staff, Account Managers, BDM’s and Senior Sales Management Executives.

Let us demonstrate our experience by formulating a sales workshop or programme specifically target to meet your concerns and desired outcomes.

Sales Team Training & Motivation Sydney Melbourne Brisbane

Popular Tailored Sales Training Courses

Popular Tailored courses for delivery at your Sales meeting or conference may include specific subjects or an amalgam of skills to appeal to every participant.

Here are some extremely popular topics for your consideration when formulating your sales workshop or conference.

Understanding Sales Interplay
Astute Time & Personal productivity management
Positive lead generation techniques
Developing a personal sales methodology for the long haul
Why No today is Yes tomorrow
Closers v Free information providers
Cold Calling confidence skills both in person and by telephone
Sales emotions and how to harness them for good
What your customers are really expecting from you
Motivational Techniques
Price objections & mindsets
Establishing a reflex referral network
Knowing your customers buying triggers and habits
Learn to self check your use of negative phrasing
Gatekeeper problems and how to fix them
Techniques for trade shows and field days
Overcoming your personal confidence and shyness issues
Dealing with high maintenance customers
Body Language learn to read your clients and friends

Our 5 Most Popular Sales Training Courses

Our most popular tailored courses available in half day, one day & two day formats include

#1 - Professional Selling Skills

Very popular course covering the fundamentals of selling and the need for personal responsibility on the part of the representative to maximise their efficiency and sales conversions.

The course focuses on developing successful sales mindsets and need to engage with your customers.

Full course topics are available upon request.

#2 - Advanced Selling & Sales Interplay skills

Ideally suited to experienced sales representatives with several years experience. Learn how to harness their established skills and confidence to easily overcome objections and create new opportunities.

Great for increasing marketing penetration and increasing per customer sales yield from your existing and new clients.

Full course topics are available upon request.

#3 - Key Account & Territory Management

Learn to manage key accounts and maintain tangible client contact even with geographically distant clients.

Understand how to balance your contact intervals to maintain optimum servicing of demanding major clients.

Full course topics are available upon request.

#4 - Sales Presentation & Confidence Skills

No one really knows how much business is wasted in Australia & New Zealand due to poor sales presentations and timid personal sales skills. Anecdotally we believe it cost businesses tens of millions of dollars annually.

We teach your team to be assertive and confident in a variety of circumstances.

Full course topics are available upon request.

#5 - Telephone Sales

Whilst used every day few sales staff are taught the keys to professional telephone selling, sales qualification and closing.

Learn to manage sales calls as you selectively use the greatest time saver we have at our disposal. Great techniques for extracting vital customer information to assist in the qualifying and closing process.

Full course topics are available upon request.

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