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Sales Training Australia

Sales Training Australia specialises in the design and implementation of tailored Sales training for corporate clients and SME’s situated throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our courses address every aspect of the sales process and team motivation and we offer customised online training at any local or international location.

Our popular online workshops are conducted via Zoom on a regular basis and cover a variety of essential sales skills.

For most of our clients product knowledge and existing client rapport is not an issue in fact we find that they usually excel in these areas what we refer to as their ‘comfort zone’.

Predominately it is the need to create new opportunities, establish new clients and also assert oneself on existing clients that causes resistance in the mind of novice and seasoned sales staff alike and it is an area that can easily be addressed with the right guidance and training.

It is commonly assumed that two identical teams when given the same information and incentives will perform identically. This is totally wrong and sales managers need to have an innate insight into the motivational factors and triggers that impact on their team members daily performance.

Other aspects such as the perennial ‘fear of rejection’ also lead to enormous lost opportunities and many of these would remain oblivious to management if the correct systems and protocols are not implemented. Even the most advanced CRM systems fail to give a true indication of the real reason for poor sales performance.

Sales Training Australia assists your sales team to have a better understanding of their personal sales centricity and friction points that lead to lost opportunities nationally on a large scale. The individual mindsets of your sales team have more direct impact on their success than any other factor including price. This component of the sales equation is rarely considered by many astute sales managers and sales directors.

The importance of our training is that the techniques we teach will assist them for years and not for the day after the training as with many programmes.

Sales Training Australia are renowned for their relevant, innovative and fun workshop formats and offer a a number of courses for every situation.

  • Sales Team Training
    Let us prepare a tailored course designed to address your prime areas of concern with immediately measurable results.
  • Public Workshops
    Held regularly in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane they are a great way to train smaller teams or progressively training a sales personnel from larger organisations.
  • Boot Camps
    These industry specific public workshops are a great way to learn and network with like mined industry professionals. Refer to separate listing.
  • Sales Team Leadership & Strategies
    Designed for Sales Managers & Sales Directors looking to extend their team and explore market opportunities. Offered both as in house and small public workshops.

If you have particular concerns regarding they type of training that best suits your firm’s requirements or your personal needs please call your nearest Sales Training Australia office.

Do you have any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding Sales Training Austalia’s training courses including costs,
please call your nearest Sales Training Australia office or make an enquiry.